LISTEN: Andy Bull ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now’ (Todd Rundgren Remix)

andy bull

The Sydney-based swoon-inducing synthpop sweetheart ANDY BULL has just dropped the first remix for his latest single Baby I Am Nobody Now, remixed by none other than the illustrious multi-talented producer TODD RUNDGREN.

TODD RUNDGREN, well-known record producer has an incredibly immense back catalogue. Including credits with groups such as BAD RELIGION, HALL & OATES, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, and MEAT LOAF as well as a huge slew of solo work – simply speaking, the man is a non-stop music making machine, and as of late the legend has been turning his sights to humbly remixing tracks for groups, lately including TAME IMPALA & LINDSTROM.

ANDY BULL’s Baby I Am Nobody Now’ is a synth-heavy jam driven by crunchy live drums and laced with his silky vocals – complete with synthesizer work sometimes sounding reminiscent of Vangelis (check the bridge).

RUNDGREN takes this identifiable Vangelis influence and runs with it, transforming the original track into a more progressive journey, diving into territories of psychedelic soundscape, before rising into dense choruses filled with larger-than-life drums and synthwork – baring resemblance to the original. It’s a remix work that stays close to the conventions of the original, yet as a listener you can easily identify the remixers unique stamp of style on the track.

This is such a perfect example of what a remix should be in essence – and who else to prove this ideal other than TODD RUNDGREN. And what’s even better is that the track is up for free download for the next two weeks! Get up on that!

Words by Nick Luke





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