MUM @ The World Bar Ft. Lewis McKirdy, Michelle Xen + The Neon Wild & More


MUM is all about good mates and good times on Friday the 15th of November. The total legend from Triple J, Lewis McKirdy will be down to serenade you with his smooth voice and beatz, as well as some of the best new bands around town and excellent tunage from their regular Mum DJs.

According to his Triple J bio, Lewis (sometimes known as Lewi) is described as a guy that spends most of his existence in an enclosure called ‘Todd’s Room’ slaying noobs at online gaming. He will try and make up for his geek steeze by cold lamping with flavour. This is a fundamental form of loitering, and is mostly done at beaches and dance floors but sitting still in his chair is preferable. Is often seen buying musical instruments on the norm without a clue of how to play them. He frequents an R’n’B night club solely due to geographical convenience.

Providing you with lunchtime beats every weekday, it’s time for him to provide you with a roaring DJ set to finish off his working week. Heading up the Tea Room proceedings is Michelle Xen & The Neon Wild.

With equal parts dark & light, Michelle Xen’s music soars and dips through pulsing basslines, energetic dance hooks, military precision drums, and powerful vocal delivery to simultaneously deliver heartbreak & ecstasy.

From studio time and production tricks from Quan Yeomans (Regurgitator) and Scott Horscroft (The Presets, Birds of Tokyo), Michelle Xen is moving her sound into darker and deeper musical territory. Featuring rising synths, haunting atmospherics, and stop-start rhythms – her music is all wrapped up in shimmering electro-pop.

With more new music to be released in 2013, and a run of killer live shows, expect to see a lot more of Michelle Xen everywhere you look in 2013.

The rest of the bill is jam packed with talent coming from: Pharley, Fearghal Delicious, Kanyon, Tropical Zombie, Borneo, Yo Mummas House, Bambii, Smithers, Bobby Gray and Swim Team.



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