LISTEN: Monkey Safari ‘Coming Down (Hi-Life)’ (Jonas Rathsman Remix)


The tech-house bro’s from Halle, Germany, MONKEY SAFARI have returned with some excellent monkey business in the form of a new single entitled ‘Coming Down (Hi-Life)’. But what’s even more excellent is the release of the JONAS RATHSMAN remix for the track! House party vibes for days!

JONAS does an amazing job of spinning this tune his own way, creating varied vocal cuts amongst dense layers of smooth synths and rolling bass lines, keeping everything congealed with tightly packed drumloops.

Whilst sounding clean and crisp, JONAS imprints a certain lo-fi and dusty quality onto this track, bringing it into a deeper realm – the vocals are filtered with soft layers of deep reverb that push the track further out into space. RATHSMAN then squeezes this density in on itself by bringing in a cutting and pulsing bass rhythm, reminiscent of old skool garage house.

If you’re looking for a floor filler this weekend, then look no further than JONAS RATHSMAN’s remix of MONKEY SAFARI’s ‘Coming Down (Hi-Life)’ out on Ministry Of Sound.

Words by Nick Luke



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