WATCH: Musica Copa 2013 Wrap Up Video + Photo Gallery


The first ever official MUSICA COPA saw the celebration of football (the soccer type – not AFL, mate), booze, music and good times under the hot Sydney sun in Marrickville.

Several teams consisting of Australia’s music community’s finest were pitted against one another in a lighthearted tournament to ultimately win a shiny trophy, a fat donation to a charity of their choice and above all, bragging rights for the year to come.

In the wee morning hours before the kickoff, the clouds looked dauntingly grey and the winds were cold, but lo and behold the sun came out to play just in time for the DJ’s to start kicking the funky jams as the players started to arrive.

Throughout the day teams representing CHANNEL V, ELEFANT TRAKS, FBI RADIO, FUTURE CLASSIC, INTHEMIX, MINISTRY OF SOUND, MODULAR, MOTORIK!, MUSHROOM GROUP, PULSE RADIO, STEREOSONIC, and SWEAT IT OUT! all played their hearts out for a chance at the golden cup, but only one could rise to the top to win it.

By the end of the day only two teams remained – STEREOSONIC vs. SWEAT IT OUT! Both played fiercely but none other than the local legends at SWEAT IT OUT! took home the tournament, donating their winnings to the St. Vincent De Paul’s Society.

MUSICA COPA organisers Paul Stix & our own Martin Novosel had this to say about the day’s shenanigans:

Musica Copa was everything we hoped it might be. All 12 teams competed hard, but fairly, the tournament was played in the best possible spirit and we raised money for charity. Congratulations go out to all of the teams and the players, with a major high five to the Sweat It Out (records) team for scooping the inaugural Musica Copa Championship Trophy.

It was a fitting end to a great day as Sweat It Out’s charity – St Vincent’s De Paul Society was picked by the family of the late Adrian Thomas aka AJAX – co-founder of Sweat It Out and all-round legendary dude loved by the music industry and beyond. Roll on Musica Copa 2014…”

Couldn’t of said it better myself – here’s to MUSICA COPA 2014!

Check out some of the highlights of the event below, photographed by Patrick Stevenson:

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