LISTEN: High Klassified ‘Palindroma’ EP


The bubbling pot of talented beat producers in Montreal has erupted once again, spewing forth the sub-genre transcending bass prodigy sporting a high top fade and killer thick rim glasses known as HIGH KLASSIFIED.

HIGH KLASSIFIED has been on the scene for a little bit, independently releasing tracks and a few cheeky EP’s through 2012 and 2013 full of silky rap beats that the press are beginning to label as ‘post-trap’, which is a fair call seeing as how the young producer (aged just 21 omg) is testing the limits of bass music with his unique sound.

Just a few months back, in December 2013 HIGH KLASSIFIED dropped the info that he was quietly working away in the studio with none other than A-TRAK and the legendary producer LEX LUGER on the upcoming LOW PROS collaborative collective.

Fast forward to the present day, and it’s no surprise that HIGH KLASSIFIED has just dropped his first official EP entitled ‘Palindroma’ out via the prestigious FOOL’S GOLD records (run by A-TRAK & NICK CATCHDUBS).

4 tracks deep, the ‘Palindroma’ EP is chock full of snaking percussions, aetheral synth movements, snapping snares and large 808 kicks that are as much melodic as they are percussive.

Sitting somewhere amongst the same school of thought that is present with artists such as LUNICE, SINJIN HAWKE, S-TYPE and more, HIGH KLASSIFIED’s ‘Palindroma’ EP is strictly about taking the ideal rap beat and experimenting with every factor of the tune, rebuilding and reconstructing each crucial instrument from the ground up. The end result is something that is built with a completely unheard trademark.

Without saying much more, HIGH KLASSIFIED’s first foray into FOOL’S GOLD territory is a huge yet humble slab of forward thinking electronic music that puts the young Canadian producer on par with some of the greats. To see such a fresh and original release is something that is becoming increasingly rare as more and more producers flood and over-saturate the market.

Even though it’s still early days yet, HIGH KLASSIFIED’s ‘Palindroma’ EP has shaped up to be one of my favourite releases this year – a release that would’ve otherwise flown under the radar if it wasn’t for the tastemakers over at FOOL’S GOLD records.

You can go grab HIGH KLASSIFIED’s ‘Palindroma’ EP out on FOOL’S GOLD RECORDS right now, you definitely won’t regret it.

Words by Nick Luke



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