From the dark depths of Sydney, Australia, a young and unnamed electronic producer has come out from obscurity and revealed his first track, along with a personality shrouded in mystery behind the alias known only to the public as MELTY.

With his official Soundcloud profile already racking up a considerable amount of interest in just the short two weeks it’s been active, we can definitely expect to see a lot of heat from this guy.

MELTY’s first track titled ‘Destiny’ gives us ample demonstration as to what kind of vibes this producer is creating in his lab. As equally heavy with eclectic sample work as it is with earth-moving bass rhythms, ‘Destiny’ is a powerfully dark yet playful track that moves along effortlessly, bringing in new unique techniques along the way that are both pleasing and surprising.

There is a deep, yet subtle range of sounds that give homage to styles and ideas from old-skool rave, jungle and juke within the track. With the very last section completely changing up the vibe and exploding into an assaulting onslaught of bass kicks and sample stabs, you can feel the sheer energy that this obscure producer is capable of.

With MELTY’s first track being so on the money, I’m definitely not alone when I say we definitely cannot wait to hear more from this dude, whoever he is.

Words by Nick Luke



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