Nadastrom ‘Fallen Down’ + EP Details

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Way back in 2007, DC-born boys Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom began making music together. With one focusing his attention on rock bands until leaning towards dance music in college, and the other working with late 90’s dance band DEEP DISH, you had two men from different backgrounds who finally came together to produce wonderful dance music under the name NADASTROM.

NADASTROM have been busy working on their debut album recently but have decided to give a small glimpse of what we can expect in the form of a new track called ‘Fallen Down’. The track has a brooding atmosphere that is emphasised by the soft yet haunting vocal track that hovers over the melody.

A steady beat brings the track in with synths slowly making themselves known by subtly swirling around the solid percussion. The song broods quietly until deep synths take over and bubble underneath the eerie vocals.

‘Fallen Down’ is a very sensual track that you would probably listen whilst driving in the dark. it has a an ambience thats very hard to miss as it stands out across the entire mix, NADASTROM have given us a very strong new track and perhaps that’s why they chose it to be released as it’s own EP as well as on their debut album.

The original mix of ‘Fallen Down’ will soon be released with three accompanying tracks through Dubsided next month. Two of the new tracks are remixes of ‘Fallen Down’ masterly done by SWITCH and JUSTIN MARTIN. The EP will also feature a b-side called ‘Shelly’ that no doubt will be just as good to listen to as ‘Fallen Down’.The Fallen Down EP is to be released on June 2 and that will no doubt keep us busy until we find out more about NADASTROM‘s mysterious debut album.

Words by Lauren Payne





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