CATS ft. The Informers, The British Robots, Lost Woods, Loot & Plunder DJ’s & More


Our friends over at CATS definitely know how to deliver. If you thought last week’s lineup was a killer, wait until you check out what they’ve got in store for all of you Adelaideans this Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

Friday the 6th of June will see local Adelaide silky smooth rockers THE INFORMERS celebrate the launch of their single ‘You Wanna Love Me’. The track itself is this raucous blend of sultry riffs paired with the anthemic chorus of “You wanna love me’s” and “I wanna love you’s”. Definitely a band to check out on the night, they’ll be a live act to remember.

THE INFORMERS will be joined by THE BRITISH ROBOTS; another gangly band of Adelaideans. Musically, the band encompasses beautifully constructed vocals, often colliding with one another to create a harmonic blend of voices. Their instrumentals seem to be quite introverted in the quirky rhythms explored by the intense array of sounds.

LOST WOODS are tagging along on the night to give CATS a taste of their melodically tantalising sound, reminiscent of some of PASSENGER’s earlier works. They’ll be sure to put on a vocally and instrumentally stunning set that will leave you an emotional mess.

LOOT & PLUNDER DJ’s are definitely no strangers to CATS @ Rocket Bar, and they’ll be back this Friday night to bring their bass-heavy set to the dfloor. Their edits, sets and remixes in particular tend to challenge the basis of sound; warping speeds, changing vibes halfway through a track and finishing it all off with a memorable hook.

As usual, CATS @ Rocket Bar is bringing you some of the newest and best that Adelaide has to offer, and this Queen’s Birthday Weekend will definitely be no exception. All of your favourite resident DJ’s will be there to take the night into the morning, so be sure to head down there early to secure entry.

Resident DJs:

•  Micah Jackson
•  Joe Andrew
•  Ferris Mular
•  Whiskers
•  Bangles

Drank Specials:

•  $4 Cats Cans ALL NIGHT
•  $5 Alpha Box wines ’til 12
•  $5 Sailor Jerry rum ’til 12
•  $5 Wyborowa vodkas ’til 12



No idea where she’ll be in 10 years, but as long as she has a good record and a glass of white wine, she’ll be sweet.