Marz Leon ‘L O N E R’


Get used to hearing the name MARZ LEON thrown around in cyber space, because if this debut single by the LA based artist is anything to go by, there are good things in the words. From the moment the initial beat kicks in, the moody, hard-hitting tone of this track is developed, and it doesn’t go anywhere in a hurry.

Although in essence ‘L O N E R’ is quite spacious and minimal, it manages to capture attention with repetitive, hypnotic beats that draw you in like a spell. The sultry, and understatedly fierce vocals and lyrics by MARZ LEON are the highlight of this track. Her soft and misty, yet loaded vocals surround you and have the ability to make everything else going on around them fade to blurry background noise.

On first listen this track can feel a little threatening, something about it feels very calculated and almost cold, but with each additional listen, minor details and intimacies are uncovered and the beauty of this truly captivating track can be appreciated.

Words by Adriana Barro



Before I disappoint anyone, I don’t have a hobby and can’t do any weird party trick shit, but hey that’s still fine in my books.