Mother ‘Easy’ (Official Video)


Every now and then a band will surface from the unknown and drop a ridiculously good debut single, turning the internet on its head as many scramble to find out more. Well, this just so happens to be the exact case for Brooklyn four-piece, MOTHER.

Now, most acts attempt to use this mystery as a marketing method to keep the interest alive. But for MOTHER, it may have a little more to do with the fact that their lead vocalist, Penn Badgley, has already made a name for himself as Gossip Girl‘s ‘Dan Humphries’. TV associations aside, however, Badgley alongside his band  mates Jimmy, Simon and Darren have got the ‘less is more’ memo, as heard in their single ‘Easy’.

Just take a look at the lone-woman fronted debut music clip for the track. With the song’s smokey qualities – all thanks to Badgley‘s husky tones – it’s only befitting that the video uses this, as the band settle on a black and white aesthetic with constant shadow play.

A little over five minutes, the clip takes on a  minimalistic approach with only ever so much as the woman giving bedroom eyes to the camera, tousling her hair or the lyrics appearing as big typography on the screen. It’s a brooding piece of indie-rock that is undeniable in its clean-cut production and quality. Traits that rarely go hand in hand with a new band.

Words by Alean Penaflor



Consumed by sweet melodies, Alean Penaflor suffers from muzak obsessionitis; the inability to see, think or hear anything beyond the realms of the music sphere.