Overjoy ‘Monstrous’ (Club Sweat)


LA electronic duo OVERJOY comprised of best buds DJ METRIC & HOFF is a project that got started in 2013 and hasn’t seemed to slow down since. The guys are back to offer up their latest track ‘Monstrous’, a slinky track full of groove featuring the vocal talents of LEX MORAITES released via Club Sweat.

The guitars and bass sounds present in ‘Monstrous’ add to the funky, slow vibe of the track, and topped with sultry vocals by MORAITES it oozes a smoky, sensual sound that is perfect for some late night slow dancing in the early hours of a Saturday morning.

The constant mild beat and smooth vocals makes this track by OVERJOY an absolute go-to for easy listening whenever, wherever – give it a whirl.

Words by Adriana Barro



Before I disappoint anyone, I don’t have a hobby and can’t do any weird party trick shit, but hey that’s still fine in my books.