Fresh Hex ‘Lemonade’


There is an undeniable allure about newcomer FRESH HEX that cannot be explained. He has released a brand spanking new remix of Sophie‘s ‘Lemonade’, that will leave your thirst for original beats completely satiated. 

FRESH HEX has exploded with new material of late and is slowly yet surely gaining recognition amongst his local Melbourne dance scene and around the country. His brand of wild beats mixed with flowing tresses are designed to illuminate your life with colours you never knew existed.

‘Lemonade’ does just that. If a mix could embody a delicious object such as this sweet yet sour refreshment, then FRESH HEX has accomplished this and more. With elements of trance and techno combined with a debauched smattering of bass fuelled beats, ‘Lemonade’ is unforgiving, ruthless, and dares you to kick off your socks and get down immediately.

Let’s not forget to mention the maniacal chanting of the title of the track that seems to add to the intricate layering and lets the song duck and weave, leaving the listener breathless and wanting more.

Bubbling samples and dripping synth leave a sweet aftertaste at the tip of your tongue while the sour beats will leave your mouth in a permanent “O” shape and your blood sugar readings off the charts. Make sure you keep your eyeballs peeled for this one ladies and gents, for if ‘Lemonade’ is telling of what is to come, we are all in for one big party.

Lemonade? Please!

Words by Jessica Holton





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