Artists To Watch In 2015: Hopium

Hopium Artist To Watch

Shimmering synths that pulse in harmony with stunningly on-point vocals, lyrically exposed to bare bones, paired with drumming bass beats that thud with comforting rhythmic regularity. This is Melbourne’s HOPIUM

For explanation of why the creators of such aural bliss have shared just two original tracks via Soundcloud, look no further than Twitter. In their own words @highonhopium “trying to make the best shit ever is fun but takes so. fucking. Long.”

Shared nine months ago, Hopium‘s Soundcloud debut ‘Cut’ paints the violent desires of jealous love in dark, dubbed out hiccups of strings and elastic beats. This was enough to put the Melbourne electronic duo on the map, garnering attention from some of the coolest Aussie music appreciators (yours truly included).

If ‘Cut’ was a strong start, a solid indicator of possible future success, follow up single ‘Dreamers’ is a breakthrough. Featuring vocals from PHOEBE LOU of disbanded Triple J darlings SNAKADAKTAL, the tight production positively glistens with polish, and once inside your consciousness is not easily shaken.

A sombre spoken-word outro exposes a syndrome of sleeping late and feeling redundant, familiar to many a twenty-something. It’s told so straight, in such a true voice, that its a little startling.

Hopium have succeeded in nailing a song that cuts through an often stifling, cluttered scene to earn a spot on every Summer/End-Of-Year/Mid-Twenties-Crisis playlist.

If you enjoy the sounds of Brisbane’s THE KITE STRING TANGLE, you’re likely to enjoy Hopium in equal measure. And if indietronica is not a genre you’ve heard of already, you have now. Jusayin.

Words by Rebecca McCann


An aspiring hippie, I’m growing my hair long and washing it much less. I live off strong coffee, fresh city air, as much sunshine as my traumatised skin cells can take and excellent music.