HNNY ‘There Is No One Else’


Before the release of his upcoming album, the bright and brilliant Swedish HNNY, gives us an insight into, Sundays, with single ‘There Is No One Else’.

While we get zero sleep waiting for May to roll around for his upcoming Omeda Records album, this Stockholm golden child has given us ANOTHER one of those summery tunes to keep our bodies warm, skins tanned and souls less depressed about Summer being over.

A similar vein to his previous tracks like ‘Champagne Problems’ (22 minutes of awesomeness) and ‘Boy’. With repetitiveness that’s fresh, unapologetic and somehow meditative, but a little more upbeat and (sadly) only 4 minutes long.

It’s amazing to watch this young producer effectively take ownership of the dance music genre, continuously providing us with clean, sunny interpretations of what he thinks house should be. No overpowering bass-lines, drops or catchy hooks. Just simplistic, syrupy deep club music that’ll blow wind in your hair, air into your lungs and put a smile on your face.

Listen to more HNNY via Soundcloud.

Words by Kirsty Marillier

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