Lil Spacely ‘Monster’ Ft. Big Skeez

lil spacely

The underground cauldron that is Aussie rap has been quietly bubbling away for a long time now, with a few names making it out of obscurity and into the bright world of radio play.

Though, with the increasingly dizzying speed in which the internet moves, Australia is seeing an influx of new artists (and producers) appearing all over the map, and what do you know – a few a worth giving a shot. Take, for instance, the Sydney-residing MC LIL SPACELY.

Lil Spacely, much like the rest of his Sydney clique is still in its infancy, with a slew of releases floating around corners of the internet here and there. Cuts from mixtapes, beat edits that were kidnapped off of chart topping, North American rap artists and the odd diss track can be found all over with the name Lil Spacely attached to it.

Taking a departure from the usual, (some could say drab) ‘feel-good’ overtones of your run-of-the-mill Aussie hip-hop artists, Lil Spacely brings an element of raw, dirty flavour to the table. Thoughts of the London grime (or even D’n’B) scenes come to mind when trying to describe this guy and his movements. Acting in a sort of guerrilla-esque fashion, the Sydney artist is throwing rhymes like vicious left and right hooks out into the world.

A recent release over on his Soundcloud account titled ‘Monster’, Lil Spacely hooks ‘Riding around on the west side of Sydney…’ bringing a tinge of rap that usually isn’t explored with other homegrown artists, but cementing in our immediate, brick-and-mortar neighborhood all the same.

Love it or hate it, Lil Spacely and his crew are changing up the vibes in the Aussie scene right now, and while he certainly has the rhymes and personality, we’re just hanging out for a solid mixtape or EP release to really hear what he’s all about.