Hopium ‘Right Now’ (Official Video)

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We are all getting hooked on HOPIUM with the release of their latest video, ‘Right Now’. See what I did there? They first got everyone’s attention with ‘Cut’, followed up with ‘Dreamers’, and now they are back with another fine offering.

Hopium have put themselves behind the camera for this one, co-directing with Yoav Lester. The video, doused in hues of red and blue, features a couple performing a sexually charged dance on a water floor. The effect is erotic and surreal and fits perfectly with the new track, with dance being the perfect vehicle for expressing the emotive power behind the song. Hopium appear to have an affinity for contemporary dance, as this is not the first video of theirs to feature it – with ‘Cut’ also featuring a similarly suggestive dance routine.

‘Right Now’ is infused with R&B influences, catchy synths and a very addictive chorus. The synth beat at the very beginning of the song is genius and one that could make Kanye jealous. The strings towards the end break up the song nicely and settle in with the synth and vocals effortlessly.

The song and the video are both slickly produced and deserve to be tearing up the charts. Watch it right now.

Words by Stephie Colless





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