Jonwayne ‘Green Light’ Ft. Anderson Paak

Jonwayne purple sneakers

JONWAYNE, Stones Throw Records’ most bearded artist, is back. He returned from his hiatus a few weeks ago with ‘Minerals & Gems’ and has leaked another track this week from his curiously titled new EP, Jonwayne is Retired. Lets hope not.

‘Greenlight’ features fellow La Habra, Cali native Anderson Paak, and sees another four minute showcase of Wayne’s idiosyncratic flow. He’s in absolutely no rush to get his words out or prove a point, but he hits every syllable impeccably and his nonchalant stoner vibe translates into an easy listen, despite the often arresting lyrics: ‘She gotta be a bad if I’m getting off my throne / Just to watch her moan and groan that this dick is overgrown’.

Jonwayne without doubt is one of the most unique looking rappers in the game, with an equally unique voice to match. Google image him and it brings an added interest to his poignant lines. His rap credentials are on point – signed to alternative hip hop label Stones Throw (think MadLib, J Dilla and MF Doom), he’s also worked with Flying Lotus, and has been a frequenter of LA institution and hip hop club Low End Theory since 2009.

His sound is minimal and the lyrics are delivered in a steady and studious fashion, his voice monotone but meticulous – he’s been criticized for not deviating and varying his delivery, but personally I find this to be one of his most enticing assets. Every track he makes is rapped in that same focused and determined fashion, a friendly slacker dude who stumbled into the scene and who perhaps shouldn’t really be there by conventional standards, but who is so focused on perfecting his persona and technique that you want him to stick around (and perhaps roll you a blunt after he’s finished lazily waxing lyrical).

‘Green Light’ once again shows off Wayne’s ability to write a seemingly never ending flow of rap that tessellates images and samples and sounds and onomatopoeic lines into one another, in a continuously morphing puzzle that takes you from the opening line to ending cuss in one valiant breath.

Words by Katie Rowley





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