BRAIDS ‘Miniskirt’ (Official Video)


After the release of Deep In The Iris in April this year, Montreal trio BRAIDS take misogyny head on with the official video for their fem ballad ‘Miniskirt’.

Bold and poignant, this latest BRAIDS video clip acts as the perfect companion piece to the power anthem that shook us all to our core earlier this year. Very much like the song, this clip sets out to explore the commodification and control of the feminine identity within a patriarchal construct.

Director, Kevan Funk, was approached by the Canadian group with a very specific handful of ideas aiming to deconstruct the feminine relationship with nature, beauty and myth.

Using violently contrasting images of vast flower beds and long braids of hair, to a domesticized Rapunzel and a dancing woman, we see an audacious take on patriarchy and it’s impulse to dominate the feminine ideology. It’s perception of the”free” and “beautiful” actually being caged, stuck and controlled.

‘Miniskirt’ is one of those songs that has the ability to change something inside of you, and with this video, BRAIDS has given us a rare combo of work that exudes dynamic power and beauty.

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Words by Kirsty Marillier