Hugh Luscombe is a favourite within the Sydney beats scene, and that’s trickled across the rest of the country’s vibrant electronic landscape. But let’s be real here, even after a myriad of work as NAKAGIN (including an EP with Silo Arts) and some extremely promising tracks as PENDANT – Hugh’s work is still pretty underground.

His works have always had a clean and blissful quality to them, but as Pendant, Hugh is bringing in a matured look at the influence trap beats have on the electronic scene. The creations are a combination of subtleties, a classic Nakagin quality, but his sound palette has grown resulting in a complex take on dance.

So whilst the rest of the country catches up on his ability to create “an incredible array of sounds that accomplish an almost heightening of the senses”, we asked Hugh to run us through what’s currently influencing him and helping to shape his new direction as Pendant.

PS. We’ve also changed how our SoundCloud Wrap’s work, so you can listen to the full mixtape below, and read about his choices without having to click all those separate play buttons. Smooth.

Whoarei ‘Baby Girl (Pink Sounds)’

I love Whoarei. He produced that really relaxed beat on the second half of Kendrick‘s song ‘u’. I follow his tumblr and he seems like a really sweet and nice guy. This track, like most of his beats, is also really sweet and nice.

Kimchi Princi ‘Luxe’

I met Gina this year through Victoria Kim and i’ve been meaning to work with her ever since. i think this track is all about living the luxurious life, i just like how floaty everything sounds. she’s also got a track with shisd coming soon that everyone should look out for.

HTML Flowers ‘Clear History’

Grant is one of my favourite people and one of my favourite rappers. He’s been doing a lot of solid work for a long time and I’m constantly waiting for the rest of the world to recognise him. This track is one of my favourites he’s done and I’m excited for what he’s got planned for the rest of the year.

Thomas William Smith ‘Three Dimensions Spirit’

Tom is in no way a new face but this is kind of a new direction for him. Low bitrate, auto-tune experiments from one of sydney’s best.

I’lls ‘Keep’

This new I’lls EP is excellent and Simon Lam has a beautiful falsetto.

corin/ju ca ‘Communal Aesthetics’

Excellent collaborative ambient works from Sydney’s Corin Ileto and Melbourne’s Justin Cantrell. Definitely be sure to check out their solo projects as Corin and Rituals respectively.

//Sequencing ‘Felt’

Mary posted this track on her tumblr a little while ago and I immediately fell in love with it. The whole piece is built around these calming, meditative loops that delicately envelop you.

Faeriey ‘I Don’t Ever Want You To Leave Me_Alone’

This person followed me on SoundCloud and I have no idea who they are. the lyrics and background vocals are really tender. Top quality.

Shisd ‘Island’ (Ft Cape North)

Felix finished most of these tracks a long time ago, but this entire Ave EP is pretty wonderful and doesn’t sound dated at all. I really believe most of his stuff exists in this weird space outside of most electronic music at the moment, that’s probably why all of his textures sound so unique. Also his brother Fenn sings on this track too!

Words by Pendant / Tom Hutchins





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