Sundara Karma ‘Flame’ (Roosevelt Remix)


German-based ROOSEVELT has used his dance-pop mixing desk to create a jazzed up version of Sundara Karma’s excellent single ‘Flame’.

Roosevelt has kept the soaring melodies and gritty punchy vibe of the original, but takes his remix away from the space of grimy night time underpass to a summer poolside sipping frozen margaritas. For a producer who’s own EPs have traditionally remained true to the sensitivity of indie-pop, it’s no surprise that he brightens and lifts the song to this effortlessly cool level, akin to the likes of summertime electronica connoisseurs Panama.

Marius Lauber, as he is known to family and friends, is the man behind the anthemic warm beats and hypnotic house grooves. It’s not as superficial as you might assume though; Sundara Karma lead singer Oscar Lulu says of the band’s single, based on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, that:

“We are basically commenting on the whole post-modern reality that we find ourselves living in… The Matrix. Where adverts, politicians, the war on drugs, terrorism, consumerism, mass production, celebrity culture, social networks etc. are the shadows that permeate our walls – and we all buy into it. We have grown up being forced to believe that these things have true value and that it’s the only reality accessible to us.”

The single is available to buy now, released by Chess Club Records. Stream the Roosevelt remix below:

Words by Katie Rowley





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