Willow Smith ‘Wit A Indigo’ (Official Video)

willow smith purple sneakers

The coolest teenager in LA right now, WILLOW SMITH, just blew edgy Internet-age music video conventions out the water. Her video for ‘Wit A Indigo’, which she recorded as part of the DIASPORA collective with Crystal Mec, Tru and Tyler Cole, is really quite something.

The piano and strings collide with deep electronic beats, visually reflected in the new trippy, kaleidoscopic, Haribo-hued neon video. The clip, directed by Ben Tan, documents an MSFTSrep meet-up at a vaguely recognisable Venice Beach, except on this particular Cali day everything is twisted inside out as the sky burns orange whilst Willow and pals glow an eerie alien blue. For those of a nervous disposition, maybe don’t watch it on full screen.

The song’s title is a reference to the mystical 1970’s New Age concept of Indigo Children and the idea that some kids have transcended to the next level of human evolution with special powers, space travel, strong willed-personalities, high intelligence, spirituality and empathy. Now, as great as she is, I’m pretty sure even Willow Smith hasn’t mastered the realms of space and time travel, but it’s fair to say that she’s pretty independent and forward thinking in her views on the universe. This is the girl who released a single called ‘8’ after getting heavily into numerology.

Lyrically, it’s real catchy: what is in your hand right there? / I say they’re good vibe generators”. Never before has such accurate imagery bestowed the lowly beer. Then she kneels down and matter of factly states that “What G? Like, what G? G stands for genius”. Yes! That IS genius!

In the video we watch the teens bop around adorned with cute backpacks, sports sweats and vests, cornrows, Afros and you realise that when one one peak cap isn’t enough, simple put TWO on. Willow enunciates, sings sweetly, whispers coyly, and lays down a few bars of syncopated rap. It’s all pretty dope, and ends, naturally, as the juddering piano chimes out, with the indigo kids in a weird neon prayer circle.

The track is an experiment in ‘conscious trap’ so clearly inspired by social media, Tumblr and all things found on the interwebs that it’s painfully on trend. It’s like music made by The Internet, but for kids on Kool Aid. When all’s said and done, Willow Smith can keep dishing out her next level sonic philosophy, coz the internet is eating it up.

Words by Katie Rowley





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