Passerine ‘Look Up’


Melbourne’s PASSERINE may be a trio of individuals from diverse musical backgrounds, however they come together to seamlessly form synthy, galactic, soulful music. Their latest track ‘Look Up’ deserves your attention.

Passerine consists of Phoebe Dubar, Alex Gooding and Ben Murphy. Dubar is a classically trained musician, and if you want to talk about insanely awesome, powerful female vocals, she covers the diva sound, without the attitude. Her voice in ‘Look Up’ sounds like it should be apart of the eternally stellar Sister Act 2 soundtrack.

This voice, combined with some commanding piano chords, gives ‘Look Up’ a lot of 90’s power, however it also has a very modern electronica sound. The vocals at times get distorted, the synths are swirling and it has a catchy electronic groove to remind you this is a piece of electronica, and not out of your 90’s cassette collection.

Alex Gooding provides the driving percussion, which also both adds to the 90’s vibe, as well as the electronic feel. This guy must have some serious arm muscle to keep these beats flowing. Ben Murphy is the production man, who puts the whole thing together, adding the smooth flow to ‘Look Up’. This track is different to their last release ‘Set Me Alight’, highlighting the depths of Passerine’s musical talent.

‘Look Up’ is the first release from Passerine‘s upcoming EP Morning After / The Night Before. They have a launch tour for ‘Look Up’ planned in October. You can grab tickets via their website. It includes some East Coast regional locations, which is always great to see.

Tour Dates

9th October

Boardriders, Torquay VIC

22 October

Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne VIC

23 October

Transit Bar, Canberra ACT

24 October

Albury Entertainment Centre, Albury NSW

29 October

The Small Bandroom, Newcastle NSW

31 October

The Newsagency, Sydney NSW

6 November

Black Swan Hotel, Bendigo VIC

Words by Madeline Kilby





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