Aisha Devi ‘Mazda’ (Official Video)


After unleashing her latest album ‘Of Matter And Spirit’ AÏSHA DEVI, has launched one of the tracks, ‘Mazdâ’, with a very unique, weird, and probably not safe for work/small children video. If you thought naming an EP Conscious Cunt was controversial then you are underestimating the depths of Aïsha Devi.

‘Mazdâ’ is a track that features some deep horn like synths, distorted vocals reminiscent of high-pitched mice voices from cartoons, all while highlighting the full vocal range of Aïsha Devi, combined with her skills as a producer. It certainly takes you on a trip, and this is all before you see the video.

Directed by Chinese contemporary artist Tianzhuo Chen, the video for ‘Mazdâ’ is pretty much exactly what your nightmares are made of. Dwarves (without being politically incorrect, they are behaving in some crazy ways), terrifying clown like rubber masks, soulless eyes, some weird sexual innuendos, a chicken carcass… it goes on. It is whacky and overwhelming, and yet somehow suits the song perfectly and you can’t help yourself but to watch the whole thing.

The collaboration came from what Aïsha Devi described as a “crush” on Tianzhuo Chen’s work. A spiritualist herself, she felt a deep connection to the symbolism he uses. If you watch the video carefully it goes beyond the weird and highlights a number of religious icons from the swastika through to third eyes and the Shiva symbol. Tianzhuo Chen also practices Tibetan Buddhism, on top of using his body to reach any possibly physical limits through forms of bondage. But rather than doing this for the spectacle it is for enlightenment, which is something Aïsha Devi feels the video for ‘Mazdâ’ is about.

Aïsha Devi predicts more collaborations between herself and Tianzhuo Chen. There is no plausible way anyone could imagination what they might come up with, but it will be worthy of your attention when it happens.

Words by Madeline Kilby





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