Artists to Watch in 2016: MOTHXR


In pursuit of another outlet to express their creativity, Brooklyn 4 piece MOTHXR came together over a year ago, with the sole intention of playing music with no restraints or expectations. After just one day playing together, they became so engrossed they decided to continue for 5 days straight and with this was the birth of MOTHXR.

Drawing on such an eclectic mix of influences it’s hard to categorise their sound, but with a penchant for analogue synths and delicate guitar licks, MOTHXR create seductive synth lead R&B style productions. The underlying 80s tone to their overall appeal deters you from the fact that their music may be deemed ‘on trend’, to view it more as a futuristic take on a retro sound.

The guys shared a glimpse of their raw productions shortly after recording them, making quite an impression on the public with first track ‘Easy’ reaching number 1 on billboard and making hype machine’s top 10. Their other 2 tracks ‘Stranger’ and ‘Centerfold’ can be heard on their tour diary video below, their creativity stretching to more than just music – they enjoy making their own videos to add another dimension to who they are and the music they make.

Despite the hype they’ve created through their early tracks and powerful live performances, it is only recently since signing with renowned French label Kitsuné that they have released another track from their upcoming album – ‘Touch’. 2016 is definitely geared up to be a big year for MOTHXR, with their debut album set to release on 26th February (‘Stranger’ is available for download on pre order) and another European and U.S tour beginning in January.

Listen to more tracks on Spotify here

Words by Hollie Cunningham