Let Fluir take you on a journey to question your ‘Destination’


Melbourne based FLUIR has dabbled in folk, indie pop, and now a foray into an electro infused combination of sorts with the track ‘Destination’. The track is hauntingly beautiful, however it is the video that will leave you lingering over what your own personal destination may be.

Playing on the lyrics as they delve into imagery surrounding the sea, the clip for ‘Destination’ is filmed on what appears to be a very dismal beach day, with grey sky and ocean consuming the landscape, surrounded by a beach infused with green. In part this green is seaweed, used in a metaphorical sense as it attempts to trap Fluir and pull her back.

For Fluir this video signifies her “subconscious pursuit of stability in search for a greater purpose and destination in a world where everything appears seamlessly attainable”. It’s a complex idea, shown so beautifully through a landscape we are all so familiar with, particularly those from Fluir’s native Victoria, where our beaches can be both stunning and serene, or harsh and dismal.

The piano within the track leaves you with a sense of melancholy, while the percussion gives a sense of purpose. Fluir has a powerful and emotive voice, tying everything together on what seems to be a journey of self-discovery, the destination not quite known.

‘Destination’ is the first taste from Fluir’s debut EP The Way, due out March 4th.

Words by Madeline Kilby





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