REMI’s Melbourne spots worth ditching the studio for


After the success of 2014’s Raw x Infinity, REMI recently returned with an Afrobeat inspired, soulful single ‘For Good’ featuring PS fave, Sampa The Great. This came alongside the news that he and musical collaborator Sensible J, also have an upcoming album Divas and Demons, due for release later this year.

This is just another step in a long and powerful journey for the young hip hop artist. REMI has already been nominated for Triple J’s Album of the Year, he’s won the Australian Music Prize as well as an AIR award for Independent Hip Hop Album of the Year.

REMI continue their ascent as they tour with Groovin The Moo, and they’ll also be heading on tour very soon. With so much good news we caught up with one half of the latest incarnation of REMI, the man himself Remi Kolawole, for a Melbourne Hometown Guide. With the exception of one, we head to the South Eastern Suburbs to see where the boys like to hang when they’re on break from the studio.


Northside Records – Fitzroy 

This is the only venue we’re gonna mention on the North side of town, as the North gets a lot of shine, but we can’t leave out Northside Records. The record selection amazing, the vibe is off the damn chain, and the in store performances they throw, are some of the most special gigs we’ve been to.

On top of that you have a number of Australia’s best DJ/Radio Hosts working in the store. Funk Daddy Number 1 ‘Chris Gill’, honorary african ‘DJ Manchild’, and Jazz connoisseur ‘Mike Gurrieri’ all there to lend a helping hand and have a chin wag. The way your local record store should be.


Saigon One – Clayton

I dunno if any of you good people have had the opportunity to eat quail before, but if you haven’t you need to get on that. At Saigon One you can get a whole quail, prepared in some of the wildest garnishes known to man kind, for $7. A WHOLE ANIMAL FOR $7.

You know I’ve ordered two in one sitting before. You gotta treat yourself. The rest of their cuisine is beautiful too, but this is definitely the highlight for yours truly.


Samwon Garden – Huntingdale

Out in the Southeast suburbs it’s not always easy to come past any dining past 9’clock at night, and even harder to find coffee. Our boy’s Joo and Terry run a family owned Korean restaurant open till 10pm every night. 10PM EVERY NIGHT!!! The food is wild, Korean fried chicken and the spicy pork are personal favourites. Plus they serve coffee, what can’t these guys do.


5 Cafe – Oakleigh

Probably one of my favourite cafes in Melbourne. The pasta is off the chain, their Seafood Orichette has half the ocean in it and it’s prepared to perfection. Whenever we’ve got someone at the studio and they get hit with the munchies, we end getting stuck there for hours talking shit. Which to be fair, is one of the most important parts of making music with people.

Also there’s a brother in there with exceptional music taste, so you’re liable to be dining to some D’angelo, Badu or The Roots. Fantastic.


Lowes – Oakleigh

Believe me when I say, Lowes is the GOAT of basic and comfortable attire. Whether you need the most lucrative of Hawaiian shirts, the cheapest of crew neck sweaters, or the Grandpa-n-est of Slippers, they’ve got you covered. Even saw a bucket hat made out of all white terry-towelling material. Lowes will let you be LL Cool J on a budget. Enough said.

Once REMI get moving from their local haunts, they’ll be hitting the road for the ‘For Good’ Tour. Dates below:


Thursday, 19th May – The Foundry, Brisbane – tix via Oztix
Friday, 20th May – Newtown Social, Sydney – tix via Ticketscout 
Saturday, 21st May – Howler, Melbourne – tix via Moshtix
Friday, 27th May – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth – tix via Ticketbooth
Saturday, 28th May – Fat Controller, Adelaide – tix via Moshtix

Photo Credit: Michelle Grace Hunder