Litche shows his worldly influences with debut single, ‘Look Up’

unnamed (29)

‘Look Up’ is the debut single from Australian newcomer Sam Litchfield who is using the name LITCHE, giving us an introduction to his style of chilled atmospheric electronica.

This track is amazingly solid, even more so for a debut. Litche has great skill when it comes to production, mixing elements like tribal drums with electronic synths and then later hip hop styled drums and managing to make them sound like they belong shows he has a good ear when it comes to production. The vocal sample played throughout the track is also chilling and really gives the track a life of it’s own.

The initial idea for ‘Look Up’ came about while Litche was jamming with his Swiss friend Elias back in 2015, Litche says:

“After discovering we both had a mutual passion for making music, we decided we’d get together and have a go at make something. Not much came out of it at that time except a simple 4-bar loop and a few vocal samples, but then back in April this year I became inspired by an Ethnic sample pack I’d found and started working this with the beats and vocals Elias and I had recorded all those months ago, and it all seemed to work so well.”

Words by Aiden Benavides



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