Be Properly Introduced To Nerve Leak With ‘Moon Pulls’


Nerve Leak is a relatively new name onto the electronic scene but it’s probably a name you should keep an eye on. The Brooklyn-based producer, also known as Sam Friedman, creates a sweet blend of pop and experimental electronica on his tracks, having the melodies dance around your ears with ease. The lyrics also play a massive part in Nerve Leak’s music and the best example we could give you of that is his latest single ‘Moon Pulls’

‘Moon Pulls’ has a very intricate storyline that details the feelings of finally getting that guy or girl you’ve loved for so long. Unrequited feelings are something everyone struggles with at one point or another and Nerve Leak seems to describe the feeling in the most tender context.

The music itself is a whole other ball park. The lyrics may tell the story here but light hip-hop infused beats create the scene so that you can clearly see the message Nerve Leak is communicating in your head. The melody feels rough, but really connects with the lyrics and feels kind of restrictive. It may not sound ideal, but as it turns out, it’s exactly how you want to feel whilst you listen to ‘Moon Pulls’ because it makes you resonate with the track.

Nerve Leak already has a bit of a back catalogue waiting for your ears, but ‘Moon Pulls’ is probably the best introduction to his music. If you’re a fan of James Blake, you’ll fall in love with Nerve Leak in an instant.

Words by Lauren Payne



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