Maribelle tells us what she takes on the road ahead of FOMO Festival


FOMO Festival is almost upon us and oh, what a day it shall be! The festival has some of the best artists from Australia and across the globe and whoever has gotten themselves a ticket is no doubt prepared for and intense day of dancing and bouncing along to the beat-heavy music.

MARIBELLE is one artist who has landed herself a very good spot on the FOMO line up and we’re all very keen to see her live show. At just 20-years-old, the singer released her debut EP Overtake and is was spectacularly received. She also oversees her own publishing company Defs Not as well as Crush Club, a label that showcases upcoming electronic talent.

We asked Maribelle what she usually takes on the road with her for a bit of insight into her busy touring schedule.


“Crucial. From emails to writing/producing to scheduling, I always have my mac with me!”

“I can’t go on a plane, or go for a long drive without my iPod. Smooth tunes to go with great views is everything.”

“Because of the above.”

“‘Cause I’ve got samples for days.”

“I’m a ProTools gal so I’ve always got to have that iLok on me!”

“Need this so my eyes aren’t literally struggling all day. That hay-fever though *sneezes 10 times in a row*”

Blistex Lip Conditioner: 
“Hands down my favourite lip balm. It softens the lips without tasting like trash. I highly recommend this.”

Bach – Rescue Remedy: 
“‘Cause the stress is real. From running Defs Not & Crush Club to working on my own projects… I NEED DIS.”

Make Up Forever – Ultra HD: 
“My now favourite foundation was worth giving my soul for. I never usually buy expensive makeup, but once I saw the coverage of this thing, I couldn’t go back.”

Urban Decay – NAKED SMOKY: 
“This is my favourite present. Somebody figured out my weakness.” 

Estée Lauder Set + Refresh: 
“Just a little spritz of this makes my resting bitch face go away (kind of).”

Lindt – Dark Chocolate: 

“Plane usually food offends my taste buds so I always have some sort of snack in my carry on.”
Catch Maribelle at next year’s FOMO Festival!
January 6 – Adelaide Gaol, Adelaide
January 7 – Riverstage, Brisbane
January 8 – The Crescent, Parramatta Park, Sydney
Buy your tickets HERE
Words by Lauren Payne


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