IV League’s top five superstars

It’s no cliche or over-exaggeration to say that IV LEAGUE are making some of the most exciting indie-pop in the country at the moment. Less jangly guitar riffs and more total badass-ery, they’re as in your face as they are nonchalant, and given that they’ve just wrapped up a tour with national heroes CITY CALM DOWN, it looks like the rest of Australia is starting to take notice.

Their latest single, ‘Superstar’ is like a lightning rod in the way it absolutely electrifies you. There is nothing passive about IV League, and ‘Superstar’ is their finest moment yet. Harking back to the days of HOLE or early NO DOUBT, it features equal parts grunge as it does pop, taking the term “garage-pop” to new heights with its fuzzed out chords and snarling-yet-upbeat vocals thanks to BELLA VENUTTI.

Forcing anyone who hears them to shut up and listen, there’s no doubt that IV League are quickly becoming superstars in their own right. With freshly inked management and booking agent deals and a whole lot of fresh music out soon, there’s really no signs of slowing down for them any time soon, so we wanted to get to know them a little better by finding out who their top five superstars are. Check out the full list below including a whole lot of Rupaul’s Drag Race references, and keep your eyes peeled for all things IV League – they’re only just getting started.

Courtney Love

Both of us are devoted Rupaul’s Drag Race fans, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that Lachie jumped out of his chair and yelled “IT’S FUCKING COURTNEY LOVE!” when she popped up on screen as one of season 10 guest judges. I think that Live Through This is one of the most important albums I have encountered thus far as a woman in my life, and I see Courtney as a warrior and survivor who exudes raw power. I want NOTHING MORE than to be invited to one of her Buddhist chanting evenings at her Hollywood chateau.

Liam Gallagher

We had the pleasure of seeing Liam live when we played this past Falls Festival in Lorne. Seeing a rock legend past their prime can be dicey, but let us tell you Liam still has it! We both ran to the front of the stage giddy and yelling when he opened with ‘Rock n Roll Star’. Bonus points for Liam come in the form of his twitter account on which he is still living his truth as an unapologetic asshole; example, constantly posting pictures of Noel with the caption “potato”.

Bella’s Nonna

Topping this list with Bella’s Nonna is a no brainer. Apart from being one of the most kind, loving and hilarious people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting, she plays Triple J through her shonky wireless radio all through the night in the hopes of hearing one of our tracks. She also makes the most incredible food and will virtually cook us whatever we want at any given time, she describes her kitchen as a la carte.

Trixie Mattel

Back to our unhealthy and all consuming Drag Race obsession! The queen of skinny legends herself is an unbeatable drag queen, and the way in which she has built her colossal brand in her post reality TV years is pretty inspiring. Also, her latest country/folk album One Stone is beautiful and it brings me to tears. I don’t care about indie rock in my day to day, I just binge listen Moving Parts and Rupaul’s 2016 smash hit album American. Hey kitty girl!

Jimothy Lacoste

Jimothy is one of our favourite discoveries of 2017, he is an independent rapper from London who very deservingly has recently started to blow up online. His eccentric dancing, lo-fi music videos, iconic polo shirts, Burberry scarves and Lacoste sweaters and his catch phrase “LIQUE” – which is an anagram for life is getting quite exciting, have us hooked. We think Jimothy deserves to be one of the most famous people on the planet and the fact that the music video of him dancing on trains on the London underground was removed from the Internet is a travesty. JUSTICE FOR JIMOTHY!

‘Superstar’ is out now.

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