LO’99’s must-have items to take on tour

After a stand out performance at this year’s SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASSLO’99 is back on the road this month, having kicked off an enormous nationwide tour. Promising a whole new set of visuals on this tour, LO’99 will be storming through Australia, New Zealand and back to Australia, with a casual stint at Amsterdam‘s ADE thrown in for good measure.

It’s been a huge year for the tech/bass infused house producer, who released one of his best tracks yet earlier this year with ‘Bizness’. Having had the remix treatment from Malive & Lowdown as well as Holmes John, ‘Bizness’ gets quite literally straight down to business, kicking things right into gear from the first second. It’s classic LO’99, but with a certain element of evolution as he continues to develop into one of the country’s most loved producers. Proving he really does mean business, LO’99‘s ‘Red Alert’ tour is guaranteed to be one of the best club shows you’ll witness all year, so if he’s heading to a dancefloor near you, make it a priority to get there and get downnnnn.

Hitting Brisbane tonight and having already smashed Chinese Laundry in Sydney last weekend, we asked LO’99 to spill the beans on what his must have items for tour are. You can check it all out below, as well as remaining tour dates!

LO’99 Sirens

Wouldn’t be a LO show without my red lights a’blazin imo. They are so simple and easy to travel with but make such a big impact in all my club / show spots. I also get to tell security at the airport that I’m a private detective. 

Nintendo Switch

I never leave home on tour without taking Mario, Bowser and the crew with me. I often battle people at shows for my drink rider in Mario Kart… will be doing that this tour but with Mario Tennis too. People should keep across event pages for my upcoming shows if keen to race or be aced 😮

My Lappy

Most people know I’m all about my #bizness, not sure if it’s common knowledge but I own Medium Rare Recordings and run Late Nite Business and This Ain’t Bristol for Australia. The companies take a decent amount of time and I need to keep on top of things even with a hangover on a red eye. I also often work tunes on the road too!

Charger collection

My backpack could literally be setup as a charging kiosk… if you see me in the street / at a party etc and you’re running flat HMU… I usually roll with a few phone sized portable ones and mad different cables haha. I also just recently picked up this mega charger that fully charges my laptop or my Switch a few times over… so sick!! Hey, I’m a nerd; I get excited about these things and it’s already saved the day a few times!!!


Obviously, being a DJ, I’ll always take headphones with me: I use HD25s for when I’m performing but I have a solid pair of noise cancelling badboiz for doing tuneage and watching movies on the go… some apple earbuds too. ATM I’m rocking some new Sonys but I’m a big fan of Bose noise cancelling cans as well and quite comfortable doing mixdowns of tunes to play out on them too. 

Speaking of headphones, LO’99 told us the following story:
“I’d just bought some super sick new Sennheisers to take with me on tour to do music and tings on the go.. I was on my way to London and started working on tunes as soon as we took off.. people kept on looking at me weird, pulling faces or like shaking their head.. I was like wow ok, but whatever and kept working on my music.. after a bout half an hour the air hostess came up and told me to turn the music off.. I was like “I’m using headphones, are you serious haha” she said “Sir, please take the headphones off and press play”.. So I did.. now this was the first time I’d owned or used a pair of open back headphones.. and being really good ones they were actually 3x the volume of apple laptop speakers on full.. proper proper loud but I had no idea haha. No wonder I was getting mad dirty looks from everyone around me :o”

Catch LO’99 on tour at the dates below!

Intro by Emma Jones

Images supplied by LO’99





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