Get to Know: NUSSY

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from pop electronica artist, NUSSY. Australia’s answer to ROBYN or ANNIE LENNOXNUSSY‘s music is pop at its finest with a heavy helping of electrifying dance music to take it to that extra level. Thankfully, the wait for her return was finally ended recently with her brand new single, ‘Lights Go Out’, her most intimate and vulnerable offering yet.

Lights Go Out is that total feeling of panic when you hurt someone you love and they just shut down in front of you. It’s that internal monologue, knowing you need to be honest but being scared of what impact that honesty is going to have on your relationship,” explained NUSSY.

Coming from a place of introspection as to show she handles conflict and not knowing how to quite handle when her partner needed space after a confrontation, NUSSY went onto describe how the song served as an “emotional escape” from a fight she’d had, saying, “I had this great weight on my shoulders which I needed to let go.

However, it wasn’t all bad news for NUSSY and her partner. They worked it out and learned a lot about each other while doing so. “I think that’s important to remember and why this song has a really special meaning for me,” she said.

Having been on tour with a string of shows over recent weeks, and one more show this weekend, we wanted to get to know NUSSY a bit more as she continues to share more and more of what she’s been working on in the months ahead.

Who are you?

I’m NUSSY – a sparkly fairy who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

How did NUSSY come to be?

I released my first single ‘Dizzy’ about four years ago and since then my sound has definitely changed a little but I’ve been making music almost my whole life! My mum claims it was her going to a Eurythmics concert while I was in her belly that started the whole thing off so I guess music was just always in me.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

It’s pop electronica. My influences come from anywhere and everywhere but my main girls are Robyn, Annie Lennox and more recently Halsey.

Tell us a bit about your new single, Lights Go Out?

‘Lights Go Out’ is about the anxiety you feel holding something back from someone. It’s about the panic you feel because you don’t know how they’re going to react and being scared they’ll just shut down in front of you.

What can we expect from you moving forward?

I have a lot of new music in the works. I’d love to release a full EP next year.

Where can we hear more of your work?

I’ll be launching ‘Lights Go Out’ in Melbourne on September 8th. Details of all my shows are on my socials! If you can’t get to a live show, my tracks are online in all your favourite usual places 🙂

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