The top five places to listen to the new Parcels album, according to Parcels

PARCELS, the Berlin-via-Byron Bay five-piece who collaborated with DAFT PUNK for their 2017 single ‘Overnight’, are amping up for the release of their hotly anticipated debut self-titled album. Written in Berlin, the five-piece have reached enormous international acclaim from critics and fans alike, and it takes only a few seconds of listening to any of their songs to hear why.

Immediately infectious, their music makes you dance before you’ve even realised what’s happening. Nostalgic but not a schtick, Parcels channel funk, disco, soul and more into their music and deliver a hit after hit with every new single. Featuring tight guitars, heavenly harmonies and irresistible grooves, Parcels‘ funk-filled jams are a guaranteed good time, every time, so it’s no wonder at all why their debut is one of this year’s most anticipated releases.

Ahead of its release, you may be thinking to yourself, “Where is the perfect place to listen to the album when its out?” Well, your questions have been answered, as Parcels themselves have listed their ideal listening places and situations to listen to Parcels. Check out their recommendations below, and get ready for their debut when it drops October 12th!

“I could tell you that the album needs to be listened to on a tropical island, in a space shuttle, with a platter of shrimp and caviar in hand. But no, this article is for your average working-class citizen. One who simply enjoys independently produced up and coming music.  

These are the Parcels endorsed top 5 situations in which to take in our first album, realistic, achievable and immersive experiences.”

Long drives.

On a long drive you can be doing absolutely nothing but still feel no pressure to be productive. That’s because you are being productive! Traveling hundreds of miles each hour, moving forward. Therefore a long drive is a great place to switch off the entire brain except for that sweet musical part, turn the album up loud and let the music guide you to your inner destination too.

Amongst Nature

Breath the fresh air in, feel the soft grass on your face and the cool breeze calming your soul. Be reminded that everything around us is alive. Just like music and the feelings it can give, it’s alive, it’s momentary. A multi-sensory experience to be had here.

Having a drink, with friends.

The album is not explicitly a party album. There are moments of Euphoria and dance breaks within, but there are also reflective and intimate moments. This makes it all the more special to share with loved ones. Grab yourself a cold beverage, find your favourite company and put on the album. Ideally everyone can dance and party to the higher moments and then can come together to cry and reflect when things get soft.

In the studio

This is for the audiophiles. We spent hours, days, months, years, crafting this album to sound good. So if you appreciate high quality recording and production value, warm up those high quality studio monitors, find a quiet night alone and listen in depth to the tape tracked vocals, the depthy plate reverbs, the layered drum machines. Get nerdy.


Make your own journey. In headphones or in your  favourite speakers, hell even straight from your laptop if you so desire! Nobody around, nowhere to be and nothing to do. Take it how you will. Write your own story. Take your own trip.

Parcels‘ debut album is out October 12th. Pre-order here.

Catch Parcels on tour:

Wed 9 Jan 2019 – The Triffid, Brisbane QLD – Tickets
Thurs 10 Jan 2019 – Hotel Brunswick, Brunswick Heads NSW – Tickets
Sat 12 Jan 2019 – Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW – Tickets
Mon 14 Jan 2019 – 170 Russell, Melbourne VIC – Tickets

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