Missed Calls: May Lyn, Austen, World Champion & more

If you haven’t got the memo yet, we at Purple Sneakers love new music. Each week, we’re graced with a tonne of new releases, and sometimes, it’s a little hard for us to keep up. Which is why we’re answering some of our missed calls and passing the line over to you. Below is a stellar bunch of new music that you might have missed over the last week.


Austen – Anthem
After a stellar 12 months with appearances at BIGSOUND, a run of tracks including a collaboration with Dugong Jr and playing shows around the country, AUSTEN returns with her first of the year, ‘Anthem’.

Delving into a different perspective on relationships, in her own words, ‘Anthem’ is about “how a relationship is mainly just finding someone whose messed up parts fit well with your own.

Layering her ethereal vocal to create a myriad of instruments in the sound design, this full-bodied track whole-heartedly lives up to its name. Singing atop a varying density of sonic textures, ‘Anthem’ is beautifully delicate and soul-crushingly emotional at the same time, and I can guarantee that this one you’ll be hitting play on again and again.


Lamalo – Real Love (Feat. Kim Ven)
Out last week on Exist. Recordings, Sydney duo Lamalo have come together with electro singer Kim Ven for one hell of a collaboration. Put this one on on a sunny arvo as the sun sets to experience this one in full force.

The topline sees Ven‘s vocals grappling with the relationship between love and lust. The track shares two perspectives, with one persona exploring whether to believe in the fairytale of love or to think practically.

The instrumental pairs mid-octave, muffled tubular bell-like arpeggios with a quiet percussive line. With the chorus, an electronic keyboard dances atop the vocals, sewing in a playful element to the track. The timbre of sounds delivered by both Lamalo and Ven work in harmony with one another and work to deliver a stunning bit of work.


World Champion – Callisto
With the announcement of their return at the beginning of the summer, Sydney three-piece WORLD CHAMPION are back with another hot slice of new music. ‘Callisto’ is everything I’ve everything I’ve ever wanted from a World Champion track – slick psychedelia, lush electronic breakdowns and potentially their most infectious vocal line to date.

They’ve put out a clip to accompany the track too. Directed by Jordan Kirk, this film-shot visual takes place in a beautifully sprawling retro mansion, complete with velvet furnishings and a fully-formed story line too. With Will Campion‘s vocals repeating “I’m not giving you any more of my time”, this sure-fire assertive anthem adds new elements to their forthcoming EP Skyline which will hit the electronic shelves on May 10.


May Lyn – ‘Froot Loop’/’Like A Woman’
In celebration of International Women’s Day last week, Brisbane’s MAY LYN gave us a treat in the form of two new tracks, ‘Froot Loop’ and ‘Like A Woman’.

‘Like A Woman’ was originally written for somebody else, and is a very welcomed lesson in rejection. She said that “I liked what I wrote and still wanted to put it out, so in the spirit of the song, I decided to produce my own beat to it”. And the beat on the track is absolutely fire. There’s that trap beat that careers into your consciousness as the vocal progresses. The instrumental is RnB heaven, filled with crispy 808’s and tender brass, leaving us with the feeling that her take on the track feels was meant to be. Rejection can be tough, but May Lyn‘s proved that converting your sad energy into productive energy can be both fruitful and reinvigorating.

‘Froot Loop’ continues on the same RnB train as ‘Like A Woman’, injecting some Gwen Stefani-like sassiness into her vocals. The instrumental pairs chopped and skewed samples over a beautifully simple guitar line which continues to drive the playful nature of the track. She said this one came as the result of coming out of a depressive episode, and this was her way of saying “screw it!”

Photo of Austen via Facebook
Photo of May Lyn via Facebook






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