New Age Noise Collective announce debut festival, PARRAMATTA IN RETROGRADE

New Age Noise Collective are a group of creatives who are female, non-binary, trans. The group aims to provide opportunities and increase visibility of non-cis male identifying youth in a music industry that is historically dominated by men. Their first major event, Parramatta In Retrograde will be held on the 22nd of June at the International + Cultural Exchange in Parramatta.

The lineup is a strong program stacked full of artists from the area of Western Sydney. The talents range from art installations, DJ sets, and live musical performance building up to be a positively unique artistic and festival style experience.

The free event has musical performances from TRU’, Jennifer Hoepez, Wytchings and art installations by Imogen Gainsford + Pearl Junor and Ailsa Liu. With the headliner also still yet to be announced, the event is gearing up to be a big one.

New Age Noise Collective are a group of young passionate individuals who are looking to make a genuine change in their local community. Their ability to be able to provide  visibility to an underrepresented group within our local industry is inspiring.

Check out the full lineup below and event page here.

Image: Jennifer Andrade




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