Watch Lizzo cover Harry Styles’ ‘Adore You’


In one of the best friendships to emerge in the music world since ever, LIZZO and HARRY STYLES are a source of constant joy in this year of 2020. From Styles covering ‘Juice’ to the pair performing the hit single on stage during a set of LIZZO‘s, their mutual admiration and love for each other really just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It also helps they’re both supremely talented, so we also get to hear their takes on each other’s music as well.

Following in the footsteps of StylesLIZZO has now stepped up to the plate to cover his Golden single ‘Adore You’. The results are as stunning as you would think, with LIZZO injecting some incredible RnB soul into the already feel-good tune. Oh, and you KNOW Sasha Flute makes an appearance as well. Check it for yourself below and try not to get lost in the magic.

Image: Youtube


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