Sofi Tukker take us through the things they’ve learned in isolation

Sofi Tukker

Off the back of their monster hit ‘Purple Hat’ which went platinum in Australia and came in at number 14 on triple j‘s 2019 Hottest 100, SOFI TUKKER returned earlier this year with a different but no less addictive new single in ‘House Arrest’. Teaming up with GORGON CITY, the chart-topping duo’s latest release is not only an all-out banger, but what we described upon its release as “the accidental isolation anthem we need right now.”

What was initially about being trapped inside a prison of your own thoughts, ‘House Arrest’ came at a time when isolation and social distancing gripped the world. Now, as the world slowly (very, very slowly) begins to open up again, we’re all steadily emerging back into some form of our regular lives. Collectively, we are also all emerging with lessons learned that we might not have even had on our radar in the past. Because of this, we asked SOFI TUKKER to take us through some of the main things they’ve learned in isolation. From meditation and accidental veganism to DJing and roller blading, SOFI TUKKER have certainly been making good use of their isolated time indeed. Check it all out below!


1. Learned how to meditate

I’ve had issues in the past with anxiety and I was going through a break up right when we got isolated. Which is a bad combo for my anxiety. Sophie has always been trying to get me to meditate and finally (on my own accord lol) i did it and it’s been great. I use the “calm” app daily and I usually do it with Squid, our content producer who we’re also quarantined with. I would def never do a 10 day silent meditation retreat though like Sophie, my limit is like 10-15 minutes but it still is really helpful.

2. Accidentally learned to be a vegan

About a year ago, I found out that I had gut issues causing long time inflammation problems that actually ended my basketball career (and turned me on to music… so I thank it for that!). I cut out gluten, dairy, and added sugars to help. So I was already eating healthily but then, unbeknownst to me because I don’t do any of the cooking, I didn’t realize I was in a house with 3 vegans. And then 36 days into the quarantine, I realized I had gone vegan. Doesn’t bother me at all. Though I’m still down for some chicken…

3. Learned how to be a pool boy

For the first time ever, we live at a house with a pool. We just moved into our new house a couple days before we started quarantining. And I suddenly took ownership of the pool like it was my new born baby. I went to the hardware store and bought a pool skimmer and I skim every day and check the pumps – and if anything goes wrong… I call the real pool guy lol. But it’s really the one thing that anybody lets me be responsible for in the house. Otherwise I’m a disaster to live with. You should see my room…


1. Learned how to get up early

I’ve always been a night owl. And our job is usually playing at venues and nightclubs late at night. So I have never really tried to be a morning person. But now that we aren’t on the road 24/7, I’ve explored mornings. Turns out that I love them. I love waking up early and reading a book and meditating and working out, all before noon. It’s like I gained a ton of time I never had before. Our schedule is usually all over the place and I’m usually always jet lagged in some way, so I’ve been learning to have a more “normal” body clock and routine.

2. Learned how to DJ by myself

Before quarantine, during DJ sets, Tuck usually DJs and I perform/use the DJS 1000 to sample stuff. But now that we’ve had all this time without travelling, I’ve actually gotten really into the CDJs myself and I. LOVE. IT. I’m so grateful for this time to explore being a DJ myself and I’ve done a couple livestream sets alone too. It’s been so fun to nerd out on technical stuff and get deep into the DJS1000 Sampler as well. We’ve been doing these livestream DJ sets every day consecutively for 92 days now and we get community members sending us videos of themselves dancing and singing along so I’ve started sampling some of their voices.

3. Learned to roller blade

LOL. I still suck at it and it’s pretty funny. I’m loving learning to roller blade. I wear all of the protective gear possible and stumble around the neighborhood in my hot pink gear, including my helmet. Since I broke my foot about a year ago, I haven’t been able to run much, so roller-blading and biking is my new alternative. It’s been so important to get out of the house. At the beginning of quarantine, I noticed myself not leaving for like 5 days in a row and wondering why I felt crazy. Rollerblading (safely… cautiously… slowly… lol) is the answer.

‘House Arrest’ is out now via Ultra Music.

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