From Cher to Whitney Houston: Ten dance remixes of iconic diva anthems

Diva anthems

For most of the country, social distancing restrictions are easing up, and while we can’t be together with hundreds of strangers on a dancefloor just yet, even just the faint hint that this might be soon has us very excited indeed. It’s been a tough few months for those who love to come together with the power of dance music and while many of us have turned our lounge rooms and bedrooms into rave dens throughout this period of isolation, it has been repeatedly confirmed that it really is no substitute for the main thing. So, with Queensland now moving into another stage of lifting social restrictions and live music slowly being planned for states in the coming weeks and months, we figured you might need some iconic additions to your ultimate party playlist.

There is something undeniable about club mixes of mammoth pop hits. While they don’t exist in the form they once did, the days of Whitney Houston, Cher, Anastacia and more releasing countless remixes to their latest single has meant there is a never-ending treasure trove of what can only be described as true bangers just waiting to be discovered. From bonafide club hit machines like Hex Hector who has remixed many of the great divas of our time, to some random gems found deep in a YouTube listening session, there are now so many dance remixes to take your party playlists from middle of the road to out of this world.

We took it upon ourselves to dive deep into the world of iconic remixes to some of the world’s favourite diva anthems. From a 10-minute Cher extravaganza to an undeniable certified BOP from Whitney Houston, these club mixes are guaranteed to light up any dancefloor (club, lounge room or otherwise).

Cher – MegaMix 2005

A ten minute megamix of some of Cher’s biggest and best hits, and a guaranteed floor filler!


Madonna – Hung Up (Alesso Remix)

Alesso takes one of Madonna’s best songs and takes it even further into the depths of the club. It’s moody and hard-hitting, but still maintains that classic ABBA sample.

Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Thunderpuss Remix)

If you’re a Drag Race fan, this song took on a whole new life a few years back. But even if you’re not, you can’t go past this unbeatable remix from Thunderpuss. It’s an iconic LGBTQI+ club anthem for a reason!

Rozalla – Everybody’s Free To Feel Good (7th Heaven Remix)

Rozalla’s Everybody’s Free To Feel Good was already at iconic status before this remix came along, but we cannot get enough of that classic house beat as it takes things to the next level.

Deborah Cox – Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector Dance Mix)

The first of multiple entries in this list care of Hex Hector. He takes Deborah Cox’s song and delivers a stomping rework that will have even the tamest wallflower giving their all on the floor.

Anastacia – I’m Outta Love (Hex Hector Remix)

Back to back Hex Hector, back to back BANGERS!

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (Club Remix Dance Version

I’ll never let go when this one is playing…

Jennifer Lopez – Waiting For Tonight (Hex Hector Remix)

Rounding out three entries in this list, we couldn’t go past this remix of JLo’s Waiting For Tonight, and can you blame us?!

Beverly – The Power of Love (Dance Mixes)

The power of love indeed! Hands up, eyes closed, and tell someone you love them!

Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way (7th Heaven Remix)

7th Heaven’s second entry and the only way to end this list. Of course we have to wrap things up in true style with the Pop Princess herself, Kylie. Just try to resist this one, we dare you!

Words by Emma Jones





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