How to recreate the IRL BIGSOUND experience from your very own home

BIGSOUND, the Brisbane music conference that is a staple for Industry heavyweights to discover the freshest of new talent, network with each other, and share ideas on the future of music in a series of tailored conference programs. But let’s not kid around, it’s also a big ol week of turning the out-of-office on, popping on a lanyard and partying it up in sunny Brisvegas. Everything can wait til NEXT week when it’s BIGSOUND.

But with COVID-19 attempting to ruin everything that is good and true in the world, BIGSOUND had to close its doors and move to a 100% virtual event this year, making it a little trickier to get the full experience…. So you think.

We’ve looked back into the past few years, and scraped our hazey minds for the top 6 things you can do at home to recreate the full BIGSOUND experience from your living room, or your bedroom, or wherever you tune in to the live stream this year.

The Lanyard

This might just be a piece of official documentation for entry in some people’s minds, but the lanyard is actually a handy way to scope someone’s name and business while desperately trying to remember who they are. We’ve all been there… you’re at the Oztix party two bloody mary’s deep and holding a third, when you strike up a conversation with someone that seems familiar. While listening just enough to not seem rude, you glance down for a cheeky look at their lanyard. Ah, THAT’s right. And boom, you’re all set. It’s called “networking”. The lanyard holds incredible power and privilege and simply cannot be forgotten. This one is easy, just write your name on some paper, wrap it in clear sticky tape, pop it on some string and throw that bad boi around your neck! Later when you’re super drunk you can try and catch a glance of your own name in the mirror if you forget.

Running to catch multiple bands in one night

BIGSOUND is famed for its amazing line-up of live showcasing artists – the cream of the crop of emerging acts you HAVE to see. Flume, Gang Of Youths, Tones and I all graced the tiny stages of Fortitude Valley before mainstages at festivals. Though there’s no live showcase element this year, you can still get a taste for the best new talent selected by the programmers with The BIGSOUND50. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify or Apple Music, and if you really want to commit to the hustle of running venue to venue and catching only one song before running off to another show, here’s how: Put on your lanyard (you won’t get anywhere without it!), and cue up several devices with the playlist around your house. Listen to a song and a half of Birdz in your bedroom, check your watch, run to the living room, hit play on a little bit of River Boy, drink half a drink, run to the kitchen and catch the tail end of SOPHIYA’s new EP, then on to the next! Repeat as necessary. Also, you get a good workout in at the same time.


If you know, you KNOW. There’s official parties, unofficial parties, VIP parties, even parties you didn’t know about that you somehow find yourself suddenly in. Was I on the guest list? How did I get here? Once the live showcases end at midnight and all professional responsibility is done and dusted, BIGSOUND is a scramble of who is going where, which party do we end the night on, wait…which party do we START the night on? The most important thing to remember is the best parties are supposedly always the ones you didn’t go to, but they never actually are that great. So just lock a few doors in your house and pretend you’re not on the guest list. Hang out with your friends or housemates instead, you will definitely have a better time. BIGSOUND has even lined up a couple of virtual parties with live-streamed performances and DJ’s you can pop on the telly and be the VIP of your own party.


Alright, we know it’s not BIGSOUND without a little libation. Whether it’s a bloody mary in the Brightside beer garden, a warm beer at The Elephant Hotel, or a vodka lime and soda at Black Bear Lodge, or literally anything that’s free at any party you get into – there’s a tipple for everyone. Depending on how hard your at-home BIGSOUND experience can get, or how big your budget is, a quick order online can get you almost anything these days. Make it yourself cocktails, beer, champagne, whatever you need! You can even put different drinks in the above mentioned rooms for a little bit of variety throughout the night. Bonus tip: bribe your housemate to hide some of the drinks and offer them to you for free throughout the night for that bonus “free drink” buzz.

Ric’s Big Breakfast

So you had a few too many on the first night and you have a 9am meeting. We’ve all been there, it’s easy to get excited but now you have to get. It. together. Ric’s Big Breakfast is the stuff of legends. Bar and Nightclub by night, cafe by day? Sign me up! You were probably even drinking there just hours ago. You’re going to want to go for the full works: toast, eggs, beans, sausages, tomato, and a large strong black coffee. When recreating at home remember two things: 1. The bread must be white and the kind you desperately get from the 7/11. 2. None of this fancy avocado or haloumi business. Eggs, beans, sausages, tomato, black coffee. You’ll be back to “business” in no time.


Ok Ok, we’ve had some fun. Now time for business. Doesn’t matter how much frivolity BIGSOUND brings, it is all about the networking, the making connections, the budding working relationships that can come from the wild week. Whether you’re in the industry and want to reach out to a new contact, or a budding musician hoping to meet a booking agent, or hoping for some face time with someone you’re interested in working with, BIGSOUND puts the music industry all in one place and can make it happen. Though it’s virtual this year, they haven’t forgotten! Once you’re registered and have set up your profile, you can browse the delegate portal and find other delegates to reach out to. Just ask to ‘Connect’ and then start chatting from there. If all goes well, you could be on a zoom call with them later that day. Don’t forget to tuck into that breakfast beforehand, and wear your sunglasses to cover up the bloodshot eyes from the aforementioned libation. Good chance they will be wearing some too.

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