Ms. Thandi delivers smooth RnB with new single ‘The Eyes’

Ms Thandi

Independent African-Australian singer-songwriter Ms. Thandi has released a new single ‘The Eyes’ that explores love, desire, and sensuality through her captivating RnB sound and provocative lyricism. Emerging on the music scene in 2019 with her debut single ‘On the Table’ which was soon followed by ‘HUNNY’ in 2020, Ms. Thandi might be still fairly new but is already making waves. Despite being one of Australia’s new talents on the scene, her crisp execution and production confirm this up and comer is a fully-fledged artist with the world at her feet.

With early exposure to a multitude of sounds and genres including Jazz, Old Soul, 90s Hip-Hop and RnB, Ms. Thandi has refined her creative palette with a variety of styles heard throughout her current music. As the lead single off her forthcoming debut EP, ‘The Eyes’ explores themes of intimacy and desire. As a showcase of fine RnB, Ms. Thandi delivers sensual verses layered with slick bass, groovy jazz guitars, and shimmering keys. Bringing a sense of intimacy and introspection to her single, she adds nostalgic lyricism that blossoms into silky and sincere vocals. Sex-charged and full of lust, this new provocative single narrates desire for a stranger before any real interaction occurs.

Talking about this magnetic single Ms. Thandi said, “‘The Eyes’ is a lust song disguised as a love song. It’s ultimately about the moment you link eyes with someone beautiful, and the instant attraction you feel to them”.

Soulful and full of emotion, this new lustful bop ‘The Eyes’ sounds so good that we have to remind ourselves her career is only just beginning. With a debut EP in the works, Ms. Thandi is steadily building up her discography with a series of new releases sure to breathe new life into her already promising career. Hailed as ‘one to watch’ by music critics and press, it’s clear we will be seeing much more of this diverse enigmatic artist.


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