Ukiyo tackles his inner demons in ‘Make It Better’ featuring Bajillionaire and Brewer


Always bringing something unique and transcendent to the table, Ukiyo (aka Tim Arnott) has graced us with yet another uplifting single that shows the multi-instrumentalist and producer finessing his sonic creativity. Unafraid to shed light on some of the complexities of humanity, ‘Make It Better’ featuring Bajillionaire and Brewer pushes the boundaries exploring deeply personal issues that the electronic artist is currently tackling. As he tries to offer new perspectives on serious topics like mental health, this new track is immediately compelling and sure to be extremely relatable to listeners. Arriving yet again with exceptional production, Ukiyo‘s music seems completely realised with a fresh new song that is set to be the latest track on his forthcoming debut Ukiyo LP set for release November 13.

Uplifting with an infectious fusion of sounds, this new tune brings forth the best in Ukiyo’s all-consuming production and Bajillionaire‘s and Brewer’s lyrical prowess. Finding a way to beautifully meld sounds of dream-pop and electronica, Ukiyo is raising the bar with this new song sounding ethereal and wildly euphoric. Bringing swirling synths to the forefront that make the song glimmer, glittery electronic elements, and a bold tenacious beat, this track is immersive with its spacious energy making you feel reflective and nostalgic. With the addition of gentle yet meditative vocals from Bajillionaire and Brewer, and strong lyricism that instills a sense of hope in listeners, ‘Make It Better’ becomes an empowering anthem. The repetition of “I’ll try to find a way through” makes this intimate single feel like a personal cut from Ukiyo’s experience with anxiety and his battle with coming to terms with his inner demons. Venturing into a serious topic, ‘Make it Better’ feels like it has a clear and defined vision that embraces self-awareness and acceptance of an issue that affects so many. Take one listen and this new bop definitely makes life feel much better.

Talking about the inspiration behind the track Ukiyo (Tim Arnott) said, “For me, this song is about anxiety, which is something that I’ve always struggled with but only really started taking seriously very recently.  You’ll hear a lot of references to that in the lyrics as well as the production, which was originally called “Don’t Forget to Breathe” in its demo form.”

“I wanted to turn my feelings of anxiety into something beautiful, with the building, whirling synths in the verses representing how I feel in the moment and the chorus recreating the feeling of getting through it.  I recently started taking medication to help with the anxiety and I’ve found myself blasting this song in the car ever since, it feels good to finally have a lot more days feeling like the chorus section.”

The single is also accompanied by a self-made lyric video featuring Ukiyo, Bajillionaire and Brewer with the video being about trying new things, overcoming anxiety, and accepting who you are regardless of people’s judgement. Tim explains, “I wanted to prove to myself how far I’ve come with my anxiety as I wouldn’t have felt comfortable putting out a video like this even a few months ago.”

With a flourishing career and many accolades under his belt already, Ukiyo cannot be stopped with ‘Make It Better’ highlighting the fact that the artist has perfected his sound and is ready to unleash his next body of work. With every new track, Ukiyo is becoming a formidable force in the industry showcasing his talent and knack for addictive and incredibly relatable tracks. With great anticipation, we are all waiting patiently for his Ukiyo LP and more infectious new music.

Ukiyo LP out November 13.


Image: Matsu






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