PREMIERE: Jantoje takes us through his impressive and expansive ‘Blind’ EP


Central Coast producer JANTOJE has always had a way with soundscapes. With now a few years in the game, his unique brand of electronica is one infused with emotion and feeling, enveloping you in his meticulous sound designs to create songs that stay with you long after they’ve finished. Whether it’s a stunning and intricate instrumental or a glimmering, palpable collaboration with guest vocalists, he’s continued to carve out an impressive lane of his own — one which has become even exciting with the release of his forthcoming new EP, BLIND.

Out this week and premiering on Purple Sneakers today, BLIND is cinematic, escapist and ambitious. It’s bold in is expansive soundscapes, rich in feeling and impressive in how refined his production has become. Jantoje channels his experience gathered over the last few years and builds upon the already slid foundations he laid in 2019 with his debut EP, ‘Found’.

Describing his EP, Jantoje said, “This EP highlights all the blends of sounds and styles that I feel represents Jantoje. The first track, ‘One,’ I feel is the appropriate introduction to the EP as well as transitioning over from my prior EP, Found, whilst ‘Without’ and ‘Bad Minded’ provide the pop/dance driven goodness.”

He continued, saying, “The title Blind not only comes from the common theme amongst the lyrics, but from the sounds themselves. I’d like to think that my listeners can shut their eyes and feel the emotions created through the synths and melodies.”

Across five tracks, Jantoje provides heartfelt, genuine and emotive electronica, and simultaneously levels up as one producer with still so much to explore. Here, he takes us through his new EP track by track, providing a deeper dive into his glorious new record.


This is personally my favourite “pop” track that I have produced. I started off creating a bass sound, based off ‘Someone Great’ by LCD Soundsytem, a track that my dad would always play as a little kid driving up north. After getting that down plus the melody and drums, I contacted Gav from Usual Company who introduced me to the duo Beach Season who toplined what you hear today.

Bad Minded

I made this track in the mind set of wanting something a little more “clubby” but to still have a pop vocal over the top. I worked again with Gav from Usual Company, which is how Jade Alice came about, toplining over the instrumental. I really like how she can dip softly for the verses and then belt out a huge chorus.


This track chopped and changed a lot! I had a lot of writers and vocalist struggle to get something solid down. So, I decided just to go with a vocal sample which I chopped up a few times. This represents the darker sounds of Jantoje, not just the summer beach vibes that Without and others bring.

Safer in Silence

This started off as an instrumental until one day when I was scrolling through Triple J Unearthed for some inspiration found Mila Nile. I really loved her voice and she fortunately was down to collaborate. Her voice and the plucky lead I think really works well with each other!


This track was inspired by Adrian Lux’s track teenage crime. I’d like to think of listening to this song whilst driving to a surf destination with a bunch of mates and being super excited!

Blind is out everywhere November 5 via Dew Process/Trench Records/ Universal Music Australia

Introduction by Emma Jones
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