Best Albums of 2020 Artist Edition: Willaris. K

This year, in addition to our own Best Songs of 2020 and Best Albums of 2020, we asked some of our favourite artists to tell us about their favourite releases of this year as well. Throughout a confusing and isolated year, music in particular has been a place of refuge for many, with the communities that surround this music becoming more important than ever. Here, we ask artists from various communities whom we love and admire to engage in the very reason we exist: sharing music.

From emerging artists to living legends, acts with cult followings to artists on the verge of truly breaking through, this series includes so many different people. Hip hop, dance, psych, rock, pop, electronic and much more, the genres and sounds in this series are as varied as the metaphorical pages of Purple Sneakers itself, and offer something for everyone no matter what your taste might be. We’re so thankful to all the artists who provided their own lists, and to the extensive communities we’re grateful to tell the stories of every day.

For the Purple Sneakers team’s own count downs, read our Best Songs and Best Albums of 2020. To read the full Artist Edition series, check it out HERE.

Willaris. K set out on his most ambitious release cycle yet this year, delivering two companion EPs, LUSTRE and Full Noise, which at once complemented each other while also elevating him to a whole new level in his artistic vision. He collaborated with icons like Paul Mac on ‘Full Circle’, challenged himself sonically working with Tom Snowdon on ‘Get With My Light’ and Gordi on ‘Indifferent’, unleashed one of this year’s most electrifying bangers in ‘Chapel’ featuring WaveIQ, and continued to redefine what it means to be an electronic producer in 2020. There is no one doing it like Willaris. K.


Andras – Joyful
Favourite song – Goggles

Headie One and Fred Again – GANG
Favourite song – Charades

HAAi – Put Your Head Above The Parakeets
Favourite song – Head Above The Parakeets

Against All Logic – 2017 – 2019
Favourite song – Penny

Yves Tumor – Heaven To A Tortured Mind
Favourite song – Romanticist

Patrick Holland – Reality Picture
Favourite song – Reality Picture

Overmono – Everything U Need
Favourite song – Everything U Need

Kelly Lee Owens – Inner Song
Favourite song – On

Shlohmo – Heaven Inc
Favourite song – Heaven Inc

21 Savage and Metro Boomin – Savage Mode II
Favourite song – No Opp Left Behind

Ela Minus – acts of rebellion
Favourite song – Megapunk


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