Generation Z at the forefront of live music attendance in 2020

live music attendance

Last week a new report was released by Roy Morgan research, detailing the demographics of live music attendance throughout 2020. There were obvious drops in the numbers due to COVID-19, with only 5% of Australians attending rock, pop or music concerts across an average three months compared to 10% in 2020. Despite this however, there’s been an interesting change in the age demographics of live music, with Generation Z overtaking Generation X as the generation most likely to attend a live music performance.

Over 1 in 6 people in Generation Z attended a live entertainment activity during 2020, while this figure was down from 32% in 2019, it was significantly higher than the other age brackets. Generation X was at an all time low of 13% of attendees, and baby boomers attendance was cut in 3rd over the year to 10%.

On the report, Roy Morgan CEO stated, “Given the mortality statistics surrounding COVID-19, which presents a far greater danger to older people and those with significant existing health issues, this is no surprise. However, these results emphasise the importance of a successful vaccination program in Australia to many live entertainment activities.”

It’s also super interesting to consider that there is a generation of youngsters who’s live music reckonings have been delayed due to the pandemic. Whether in that upper high school age range and their parents finally letting them attend all ages shows or just turning 18 and finally being able to attend those seemingly exclusive 18 plus shows. Many of these formative moments for youngsters have been delayed due to the pandemic, so there’s a big batch of youth that were and still craving live music attendance during the pandemic. This eagerness is reflecting in the numbers, with the youth driving live music attendance throughout the post COVID-19 era.

You can read the full report HERE.


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