Mall Grab releases piano led new single, ‘Love Reigns’

mall grab

Mall Grab continues to tease his rumoured forthcoming record, with new single, ‘Love Reigns’, released via his own imprint Looking For Trouble. For years Mall Grab has established himself as a multi-disciplinary artist and producer. From his lo-fi and soul sample beginnings, to full blown hardcore rave in recent years and also alternate and ambient via Jordan Alexander, the side project under his true name. With it, eyes have turned to the establishment of a new, wholistic sound for his main project and with a teased debut full length record coming sometime in the next couple of years, he is continuing to prove that he is a producer you just can’t box in.

‘Love Reigns’ confirms this sentiment. It has the soulful, warm feeling of his earlier work with added tiers of production skill. Driven by strong piano chords, the track commits to a euphoric feeling, creating a driving yet spacey dance effort. Dedicated to summer months, the track pushes a warmth and a wholesome dance energy. Not built for the early hours of the morning like his recent work, the track seems more fitting for an early evening session, or a festival stage. As the background synths build in the tracks latter half, ‘Love Reigns’ takes a new meaning. Combined with a gorgeous music video dedicated to the city of London, it hurts watching the video from a lockdowned Warrang/Sydney.

On the creation of the music video, Mall Grab stated, “The video for “Love Reigns” is essentially a love letter to our adopted hometown London. The track is mega uplifting, so we thought the best way to match that was to get our good friend Liam to shoot us making our way from Clissold Park into the city much like a day in the life of us just skating, kicking it, having fun.”

On a personal touch, this track means a lot. Having very fortunately stored it on my USB for a couple of months now, the tracks played a key soundtrack to what our dance community thought was the end of COVID and the start of a new post pandemic era. I first played it out at a Beat Kitchen Records rooftop party at the start of April in the heart of the Inner West Marrickville. The bass line rumbled on the dodgy sound system, the piano chords glistening even brighter as I approached the red line. As the bodies moved it was obvious there was a special aura in the air, one packed with smiles, and a seemingly unstoppable positive energy. There’s a special power in great music that we are missing right now in this city. People talk about the effects on lockdowns on big festivals and massive concerts, without considering the incredible groundwork conducted by underground communities and their impact on people’s engagement in music spheres. I am and we all are really missing these moments.

As the first house party begins to quiet down post lockdown, throw ‘Love Reigns’ on, give your friends a hug and tell them how much they mean to you.

Words by Parry Tritsiniotis

Image via Looking for Trouble Bandcamp




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