Monday’s Mix Series Spotlight: Animix


At Purple Sneakers, there’s nothing we love more than incredible, underground local dance music. Every Monday we’ll be putting a spotlight on a locally curated mix series that’s been tickling our fancy.

Animalia via both its mix series, ‘Animix’ and their record label discography, is growing to be one of Australia’s most trusted tastemakers in the underground dance scene. They’ve now got two releases under their belt, the first of which is a Various Artists 3 track compilation, which features psychadelic, bass driven music from the likes of Menage, Sam Brickkel and Dashiell and Sam and Jack Brickel. They followed their debut with a full length EP from cult followed producers, OK EG. The Melbourne duo float through four abrasive, deep and expansive club bangers.

Run solely by Naarm based selector Kia, the label is stated to provide a “colourful and diverse platform for the lesser known producers of Melbourne.” They’re achieving that ethos, and a heap more via their output, none more significant than their mix series, ‘Animix’. The mix series has featured contributions from some of Australia’s most respected underground selectors. Take most recently, an hour and a half of dark, dubby and high energy goodness from Sydney icon and community leader DJ Scorpion. Kia’s entry to her own mix series is equally as expansive, transcending genre and BPM limitations, hopping between downtempo ambient tracks, and double time drum and bass rhythms.

They’re now 48 mixes down, so sit back, tune in, and let Animix take you to the stars.


Parry Talks, and also writes.