Monday’s Mix Series Spotlight: Deepa’s Sunset on FBi Radio


If you think of time slots for Australian dance music on community radio, none is more iconic than FBi Radio’s 6-8pm Sunset. The show is run every day, by some of Eora’s finest tastemakers. Ben Fester and Kato, Body Promise, Kal and Kilimi, Simon Caldwell, Motorik all own their respective shows, bringing their own unique and distinct flare to their 2 hour slots. No Sunset show was (and I emphasise the was) as legendary as Adi Toohey’s and as she announced her final shows last year, everyone waited anxiously to see who would replace the GOAT. There was an energy, an aura, a gentle discussion around who would receive the highly coveted slot. Would it be a similar sound? Would it be an outsider from the FBi circle? Would it be a young or veteran selector? The overarching talking point and question amongst the dance community was however, ‘Please Let It Be Deepa.’

In January of this year Deepa took over the show with her well known flare. She’s brought to the table her experience DJing at just about every single licensed (and renegade) venue in Sydney, her cunning eye for curation via collective Honey Point, and most importantly her wholesome, party starting, infectious sound. After half a year of owning the platform, Deepa has begun to invite guests onto the show, forming her own mix series of the like. She’s hosted the likes of Jad & The, Eden Burns, DAWS, 700 Feel, Rakish and Pinz and Pelz. You can check out all the guest mixes below, and the full two hour shows HERE.

Image via Bronte Godden

Words by Parry Tritsiniotis




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