Becca Hatch lifts the energy with new single, ‘Safety’

becca hatch

Eora/Sydney based vocalist Becca Hatch is proving herself to be one of Australia’s most promising talents. Her new single ‘Safety’ showcases her signature R&B rooted sound, which was established on her 2020 anthem ‘2560’, an homage to her home suburb of Campbelltown. At the start of the year she released her single ‘Please U’ featuring guest vocals by Planet Vegeta, and in June she collaborated with B Wise on ‘B The One’, cementing for herself a nationwide audience. 

The new single from Becca honours her Samoan heritage and Indigenous roots, amalgamating these cultures and influences to bring us a mesmerising and emotive track which exhibits her talent for storytelling and moving self-reflection. ‘Safety’ is about trying to manage close relationships under the weight of expectations, misunderstanding and maintaining control in a world of chaos fraught with uncertain times. Sonically, Becca is diversifying her sound, pushing into new territories and entering the world of UK dance music with high energy percussion and soulful guitar licks. 

The track is “I wrote this about different experiences I’ve been having, and I wanted to let people know that whatever they’re going thru – you’re not alone in things feeling out of control. A lot of us find ourselves in really difficult circumstances and we’re faced with some really difficult choices. It’s very easy to get caught up in the emotion of it all – but I think it’s important that we show patience while we figure it all out. Right now, I hope we remember how important it is to create safe spaces for each other”.

Image via Liana Lewis

Words by Katy Chantharasy