Premiere: Anieszka brings trademark R&B flare with new single, ‘Choices’


All good things come in threes, and Australian/Mauritian singer songwriter Anieszka is gearing up to drop her 3rd single this year by way of ‘Choices’. The track is official released tomorrow, on the 15th of October, but we are exclusively premiering the track below until then. The trio of tracks all perfectly represent Anieszka’s incredible songwriting ability, embodying her experimentation in tackling styles, emotions and genres. For Anieszka, music is a form of healing, and to heal she uses her incredible pen and dulcet vocals blended with R&B, Soul and Afro Beats. ‘Choices’ is produced by Lui Mateer, and the duo have combined to create a mindfulness anthem, to block out external noise and reconnect with our current state.

The single is an amalgamation of sounds and expression. Anieszka dives deep with her lyricism, creating an evocative experience, intertwining our mind and body to accept and remind us that “there’s always a choice”. The soothing synths in the verses present a cool and calm R&B vibe. As the track builds so does its charisma, peaking with percussive brilliance in its chorus, then easing off with gorgeous harmonies in the outro. ‘Choices’ presents a perfect balance of energy and introspection, creating a unique bliss during the tracks just under 4 minute run time for the listener.

On the track, Anieszka stated, “If you think back to the last big choice you made, and reflect on everything that has happened between then and now, it becomes clear that the choice you made led you to this moment. We often don’t realise how much power we hold, and that the choices we make create our paths. Life continuously throws us challenges and situations, but I wanted to remind people that they can choose how they react and where they want their energy to go. We can choose love, we can choose happiness, we can choose self-acceptance. I hope this song inspires people to make more authentic choices and let go of the fear we so often hold onto.”

You can stream the track exclusively below before its official release tomorrow (15th of October)

Words by Parry Tritsiniotis




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