Hannah Galvin

An avid fan of Sydney’s jazz and found sound scene, as well as eating peanut butter from the jar.


HNNY enables the light in the sky with his new single ‘Sunshine’

As we await the next full body of work from Swedish producer Johan Cederberg, we’ve found ourselves in awe by yet another stunning double single release.


Surprise Chef propose their second record with its leading soulful whirlwind ‘New Ferrari’

One home studio, two housemates and four core members seasoned with a myriad of talented friends taking the brass and percussive reigns make the ingredients list of Surprise Chef.


Dressing to the Nines with Prequel’s ‘I Tried To Tell Him’ for Rhythm Section’s SHOUTS Compilation

Melbourne producer PREQUEL was one of the first artists to release music on Bradley Zero‘s label Rhythm Section International.


PREMIERE: Immerse yourself in the many entities offered in Body Corp’s ‘Soft Expression’ EP

Renowned for DJing around town and having featured on compilations from Plastic World and Pelvis in the yesteryears, Sydney producer BODY CORP has polished off his debut EP, Soft Expression.


Maina Doe seeks the answers from within on new single ‘Unwritten Laws’ featuring Genesis Owusu

Sending us a minute to slow down in this very busy world, Sydney artist Maina Doe commanded us with her harness of a debut single, ‘Delusion’, late 2019.


‘Delusion’ or not, we’re with you Maina Doe

Having subsequently collaborated and sang for artists Adrian Eagle, B Wise and Milan, Sydney singer-songwriter MAINA DOE comes into her own with her debut single ‘Delusion’, written in collaboration with Finabar Stuart (Boomchild Collective).


Trust your heart before getting ‘Twisted’ in ALTA’s new single

Melbourne’s Hannah Lesser and Julius Dawson curate the sonic motion that is ALTA.


Edge into dawn with Pinz & Pelz’s smooth second release, ‘House Diva’

Picking up a mirrored disc and angling short exhaled breaths onto it’s surface before wiping the wet residue will present a reflective face; appearing much more vivid and shiny than it had before this act.


Hum to the gorgeous ‘Enumerating’, as we wait for the release of Godtet’s ‘II’

Reinvigorating jazz by cutting edge and collating beats to bring it new meaning in a contemporary world, Sydney multi-instrumentalist GODTET is adding fuel to a delightful fire with the announcement of and first single off his second album, II.


Holding space & creating opportunity with Luen

Women in electronic music have been an empowering force; a notion on the up with a roaring voice as the battle for an equal future is fought.


Growth & accessibility nurtures the return of Collarbones

Gripping, sickly, expansive and beautiful.


Five things we learnt at Meredith Music Festival 2018

Located down in rural Victoria sits Meredith.